Thursday, June 27, 2013

even the demons

When the demons "Legion" met Jesus in the country of the Gerasenes, they begged not to be cast back into the abyss.

Catch that! The demons begged Jesus not be sent back where they came from!

Now that makes me think.

Even the demons don't like where they came from. The thousands of them would prefer to dwell on top of each other inside of one man than be where they came from. They would even prefer to be in a herd of pigs than be where they came from. And they beg Jesus to do something other than send them back. They beg Jesus.

Even more surprising? Jesus listens to them and grants their request!

The pig farmers see it all. They watch the demons come out of the crazy man and enter the pigs; they watch the pigs race down the hill and drown in the lake; they see the crazy man clothed for the first time in years, seated at Jesus' feet, and in his right mind. And they are terrified. They beg Jesus, too. They ask him to leave, and he grants their request, too.

Now that really makes me think.

Who is this Lord?

In the country of the Gerasenes, Jesus is not only Lord over the demons, but the Lord of the demons. He is not only Lord over fear, but the Lord of the fearful. He is not only Lord over the demon-possessed, but the Lord of the demon-possessed. He takes everyone at their word, exactly as they are. He hears them all. Even the demons.

Who is this Lord?

Jesus is the one who has "power over" and "compassion for." No suffering is beyond his healing. No place is beyond his reach. No creature is outside of his care. Not even the demons. Want more? Click here to read Luke 8:26-39.  
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  1. Perhaps Jesus loves us all too much to transform us in ways that threaten our mental existence. It seems to me he is moving us all toward healing and wholeness at a pace we can accept, although "gently" doesn't apply.

    1. After the day I've had, I can attest to the fact that "gently" need not apply. LOL.
      And, I'd go so far as to claim that the pace at which he is leading us may, at times, well exceed "accept" and approach "uncomfortably tolerate."